Client Reviews

Client Reviews


My reading with Leila provided me with everything I hoped for, and more.  Ian – LinkedIn

Leila is a reliabel, warm and sufficient paragnostic coach. She helped me with great efforts to get more insights in my personal life and instantly I gained more quality of life, of which I am very thankful for. Bas de Cock – Ear Nose Throat Surgeon at Amstelland Hospital – LinkedIn

Leila immediately gives you a sense of security, you feel that you can trust her and her intentions. She is able to translate her instincts and convictions into good advice to her clients. This won’t be my last visit! Maria van – LinkedIn

I’d like to think that most things in life take place for a reason. And that’s exactly how I felt after having my session with Leila. Truly a life-changing experience!
I’ve gained clarity when it comes to, how to achieve my goals and life purpose, and most important of all, I reconnected with my own true Spirit.
Leila’s work truly shines as a medium – psychic. It was so surreal to receive messages from the other dimension, also to ‘hear’ from my dear Mother again!
Dear Leila I feel so lucky to get to know you, and I strongly recommend you to anyone who’s seeking for answers and valuable advice to succeed in life. Violetta Barbolyuk – Greater Chigaco USA  – LinkedIn

Leila is an advisor with in depth knowledge of secundary processes, may easily understand the questions at hand and giving clear advises. Helped me quite substantially. Jacques Janssen – V-P Tactical Security Consultancy – LinkedIn

I can recommend to spend an hour of your time with Leila to everyone who wants to take some time for a reflection of his/her life, the stakeholders in there, and a guidance for the future. For me it was the right timing and it’s unbelievable that in just an hour on the phone she’s able to look into your own soul, but even better in the souls of the people around you (no clue how she does it). It generated for me a view on my environment, how they think and act. On top of that Leila helps you to look at your future from a very positive side, very motivating, and she gave me a great advise in finding the right support. I’ll definitely go back when I make my next steps. Thank you Leila! Maarten de Groodt – USA – Global HR Director at Alcatel-Lucent – LinkedIn

Leila is a pleasant person with a no nonsense mentality, with her clear analyses she always knows to come to the heart of the matter and she comes to pragmatic advice.
In addition, she has special gifts that will provide new insights for everyone!  Frank Onderdelinden

When you arrive at Leila’s you get an insight into yourself, but also in the people around you. Leila’s talent is in sensing your barriers. She can clarify unconscious patterns and give you an insight into how to cope with certain matters. I thought it was almost unbelievable how she described my children and how she contacted with them. It was as if I was speaking to my child. Very special! Leila is clear, to the point, straight forward, but she is above all very friendly, sweet and sincere. If you are honestly looking for answers, a visit to Leila will prove a very special experience that will help you on your way and assist you in your own development.  Xandra Nederlof

I’m very happy about my session with Leila. It really helped me to regain the trust in my life situation. I’m amazed how she just could connect to important persons in my life. There is nó hocus-pocus, mysterious play. We are all connected but we just can not always feel it any more. Leila helps to experience this deep connection with dear ones. She lets them speak through her and it is very touching and beautiful. The energy of each person is seen and so very recognisable. I like the clarity during the whole session and the straightness. Leila works very focused and very dedicated. The session helped me to feel again, the beauty and magic of life, even in a not so easy situations. I also feel now, that I have regained back, the power of my own life. Thank you Leila. Christophe Dumont – LinkedIn

Had a number of contact moments with Leila and I have great respect for her way of working. I am an expert in visiting psychics and mediums. Have always had a bit of support from this but she is way out in the front because of her crisp honest look on things. You do not begrudge anyone visiting. Also good to deploy for difficult choices about work, family and study. Am I on the right track? It has given my confidence a boost  Esther Breijer-Ruigrok – – LinkedIn

Leila is able to quickly see through a situation and show exactly where it “hurts”. She is a good sounding board and you can discuss everything with her which I really value in her.  Edward Hazebroek – – LinkedIn

I know Leila as a special person, who will use her ability to help you to get where you want to be, businesswise and as a total human being! Never doubt! Just do it! Percy Raap – – LinkedIn

Thank you for everything Leila. You are the Best! Charles van Hesteren – – LinkedIn

Leila … yeah she really amazed me! The session I had with her has clearly shown me the difference between a medium and a GOOD medium. Leila penetrates to the deeper layers of your being, and picks up the right blockages/ distortions. She clarified karmic matters as if they happened yesterday. RESPECT.  Lia – Linkedin

The phonecall I had with Leila today, has given me much insight. No words needed. She is and she knows. Thank you! Greetings. 
Peter – Linkedin

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