Personal Session

Personal Session



In order to get as much information as possible during your session, I ask you kindly to write down your questions in advance. You do not send them to me. You keep the questions at hand during your session. You may assume that I am able to properly deal with approximately three questions per half an hour. In this way you can predetermine the duration of your session. Should you experience difficulties in formulating your questions, I can help you. Make sure you are as calm as possible during the session. Violent emotions never serve a session. One session is usually sufficient, following sessions possible at the clients request.

Personal session

Since I do not have a waiting room at my practice, I kindly request you to ring the doorbell at the agreed time. This, to prevent the disturbance of the session of a client before you. It is strongly adviced that you attend the session on your own because that works much better in terms of energy. Only in exceptional cases a client takes someone along to the session. It is good to write down your questions and take them with you to the session. Immediately upon entering practice, I kindly request you to take your shoes off in the small hall. From a hygienic point of view, bare feet are not permitted. You may bring an extra pair of socks or other clean footwear. Could you please also not wear any PERFUME, AFTERSHAVE or other scents? After the session, it is strongly recommended to pursue your day quietly. It is preferred that you do not drink any alcohol on the day and a day before the session. The reason is that you may misinterpret the information you receive. My practice room is located on the 13th floor and is easily accessible by the elevator.

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