Channelling – Akashic Archive

By using increased concentration I get the right frequency in order to receive targeted information. This is also called “Channelling”. Not to be confused with telepathy. I can and may, access the AKASHIC ARCHIVE. The conspect Akashic Archive comes from the Far East. Akasha is the Sanskrit word for ‘sky’ or ‘aether’ and refers to a collective, energetic memory, a storage facility. Here all the thoughts, emotions and events of all times on earth, tho this date, are saved.   Read more

Photo Reading and Tarot

I am not a “card reader” because I read cards purely using my intuition. During the reading of a photo or laying tarot cards I use “Channeling”. Read more

Coaching (Business)

I can give you insight in how to let your business, practise, work, flourish. With questions such as:

  • How do I make by business flourish?
  • What is the best next step to take? Read more

Support during divorce or break up

I can support you during your divorce or break up of your relationship.

Prevention of prolonged sick leave

Many companies would like to prevent their employees being on prolonged sick leave. Employees who are absent for a long period are obviously detrimental for your firm. I am able to help with that and other staff related problems within your organization. The session(s) are given in-compan, via Skype or in my practice, according to your preference. Read more

Incest and sexual (child) abuse

I am a victim of incest and sexual assault myself. Because of these experiences I am committed to break through the taboes surrounding this topic. I aim to help other victims and assist them in taking this important step in getting help, so they can start healing from the pain. Then they can find out that the shame they feel about what happened to them is unnecessary.  Read more