Leila Amaryllis

Leila Amaryllis


Welcome on my site. My name is Leila Amaryllis de Vries and I have been born in Utrecht a city in the centre of the Netherlands, where I have spent my childhood. My descend is mixed whereby my mother is Scandinavian – Swedish / Västra Götaland. Her parents originate from the provinces Friesland, Groningen and Drenthe in the north of the Netherlands, however she was born and raised in Indonesia on the Island of Java. This makes that I have a strong affinity with that country. My father and his parents originate from Egypt (Alexandria). This makes that I have Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Egyptian, Italian, Greek, German, Swiss, Maasai, Finnish and Nepali blood in my veins.

My well developed gifts as clairvoyant have been obtained by means of tradition and devotion of my parents and ancestors from both sides. The abilities resulting from that are: next to clairvoyance also clairaudience, clairsentience, clairempathy and channeling. I am using these gifts to come to the core of your question, mood and/or feeling. This makes that I do not require in depth knowledge of all topics, you will bring up during the session. As the real meaning will come to me by means of signals I get during the session, from outer sources. I can access the AKASCHIC ARCHIVE. The concept Akashic Archive comes from the Far East. Akasha is the Sanskrit word for ‘sky’, ‘space’ or ‘aether’ and refers to a collective, energetic memory, a storage facility. Here all the thoughts, emotions and events of all times on earth to this date, are saved.  Suppose you have questions to a person who is still alive, or is already deceased? I can establish direct contact with that person. The privacy of the other is always guaranteed. Using this method I can also speak to people who are limited by inflictions such as all kinds of AutismDementia and Alzheimer’s Disease. I can also communicatie with coma patients by channeling.

I am a self taught clairvoyant thanks to the basis given by my ancestors and my clients experience me as sincere, pure, authentic, direct, powerful and socially engaged. My work is my mission in life.

I have built up over 34 years experience as international clairvoyant and mental coach and I carry out my mission as a vocation. I do this with my heart and soul. By doing so, I work for you with full attention.

My view on spirituality is very much down to earth. Next  to that, I have  a cheerfull and orderly character and I like positiveness and light energy. I also am in favour of honesty, a good sense of humour.

You can read my personal vision on spirituality using the following link: Leila’s personal vision on Spirituality You can also read an interview conducted by Soraya Beuken of Gewoongeestig.nl:  Interview with Leila


Mental Coach, Sparring partner and Confidant

Next to being a Psychic, I also work as a Mental Coach. This means that I can pinpoint your thoughts, behaviours and actions that often unconsciously block you in your everyday life. In this way I can help you to transform these into good and useful positive thoughts for you, resulting in positive behaviour and actions (NLP). The key to your happiness is: positive thinking, acting and feeling. Using my psychic abilities I quickly get to the root cause of you questions and blockade(s). Where a psychologist or psychiatrist often needs at least a couple of sessions to get to the heart of the matter, my clients experience that I get to the core much quicker and am still able to describe everything clearly. You will get a very clear answer to your question or questions. I will also provide you with clear advice. Naturally, I am bound by professional ethics and confidentiality.


For over 34 years, I have been allowed to help a large number of people with good and lasting results. What you have internalised will persist and can continue to grow. I do my work in a loving, pure and direct way, keeping integrity and reliability as a primary consideration. My approach appears to provide calmness, clarity, relief, joy, right insights and solutions.