Leila’s personal vision on spirituality

Leila’s personal vision on spirituality

Leila’s personal vision on spirituality

People often tell me they are so intrigued by what I do, “particularly the spiritual side of things” as they put it. It makes me wonder what they mean by “the spiritual side” but when I ask them they hardly ever know the answer.

They also ask me about my personal life and my own personality and my answer is always that they have come to me for themselves and that they should focus on their own questions. “I am solely the medium used to transfer information to you. The only thing that is important is that I have the ability to understand the problems and queries a client has, because of the way I have lead my life and all the experience I have, despite my relatively young age.

I advise them not to focus on me but on the reason why they have decided to consult me and the problems they are having. I prefer to keep things straight and simple, by explaining that the spiritual side of us is always about our spirit. Our spiritual experiences, love, emotions, feelings, thoughts, physical energy – our actual being. They all come down to the only energy that really exists and that is subsequently part of every aspect of our life and that is LOVE. That energy is part of every living thing and can break through all barriers. You may use it but are not obliged to, it’s all up to you. No human being is obligated, you are free to do as you please. Our Free Will is sacred!
All the stories that have been built around it do not appeal to me. They are all meant to classify, define, colour and rank everything. Some people insist you will have to overcome all your worldly characteristics and human traits, but I don’t agree with that at all. In fact we need our
earthly existence and human nature to enhance our awareness. It is your task to integrate your soul into your earthly existence as much as you can.

This approach seems to me to be woolly, unnecessarily elusive and even manipulative. That also applies to people who boast about the level they are at and their claim that their spirituality is more developed than that of others. Making a competition out of the spiritual level you have achieved is very childish and an exponent of an overinflated Ego that needs to be fed. That’s not going to help at all. As far as I’m concerned every kind of awareness is fine, certainly for that moment. Please don’t start thinking or talking in achievements or levels. If you do you will not be able to sense and appreciate what your present state of mind is and what you need for growth.

It’s good to be in the here and now. You could compare it to booking a trip; you don’t travel with a blindfold and earplugs in until you reach “your” destination do you? In fact quite the opposite, you’ll try to see and experience as much as you can on the way. The journey is the lesso , the only goal is experiencing and sharing Love.

My work as psychic, medium and clairvoyant is purely meant to give others insight and awareness concerning their challenges and emotions and help them deepen their ability to find answers within themselves. It is often your Ego that makes it hard for you to achieve that. That is why your significant other is so important in your life. They act as your mirror and are sometimes able to help you find solutions. By using the gift I have I can often reach the core of your questions, emotions or problems. Insight will give you peace of mind.

In cases where a professional psychologist or psychiatrist needs multiple sessions to break down the problem, a psychic can arrive at the core of the problem much faster and give the client due insight,
peace and harmony. I experience the ability to give the client the power over their own life back to them as my true vocation.


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