Session and online payment

Session and online payment


In order to obtain as much information as possible from your session, I will kindly ask you to write down your questions in advance. Do not send them to me. You can keep the questions at hand during your session. You can assume that I am able to deal with approximately three or four questions per half an hour. In this way you can predetermine the duration of your session. Should you experience difficulties formulating your questions, I can help you there. Make sure you are as calm as possible during the session. Violent emotions never serve a session.


Using increased concentration I get the right frequency in order to receive targeted information. This is also called “Channelling” (not to be confused with telepathy). During the session, I will regularly close my eyes, sometimes I will look past you in the “distance” and we may remain silent for a moment so that I can receive the necessary information for you. Usually I get the information visually but sometimes I hear information and do not see pictures at all. Regardless if you have questions to a person who is still alive, or already passed, I can come into direct contact with that person. Rarely do I feel the difference. The only condition is that the person allows contact and is ready. I will contact the consciousness of the person you want to get answers from. So there will be a real conversation going on. I can do this using a photo but also without. My clients experience this method of establishing contact as very enlightening and the result is that they feel a great relief. Finally they receive answers to their questions by the person himself or herself!

Photo Reading and Tarot

During the reading of a photo or laying tarot cards I use “Channeling”. I absolutely do not work by the book. Everything goes purely by feeling. You will never experience strange or unexpected things, so you can feel completely safe during the session. Sometimes I will ask you what information you do or do not want to receive. So for that part the control is in your hands. During a session I am co-led by your own soul, loving energies, your family members, dear friends and intelligences from “other worlds”.


The effect of a session is always positive and has long-lasting results. You will only hear what may be disclosed at that moment or what is in your interest. That means that the course of the session is partially in my hands. A session will immediately put your mental process(es) very smoothly into operation and thus will supply you with physical and mental energy. You will get your own power back.


Basically, I do not make predictions, unless I get these passed on to you. Your own free will is invariably the most determining factor for the rest of your life. In the present you constitute your own future. Though I am allowed to show you the right life path that is mapped out by you and for you. Again also to the extent that it is good and more than enough for you.

Session Duration

You decide the duration of a session, however, there is a maximum of two hours. If you want to extend your session time because you want to get more answers through, it is possible if you pay the additional contribution in advance by iDEAL/ PayPal. If you cannot do this, we can plan a new appointment. Unfortunately, I am resorting to this approach, because too often I have experienced the abuse of my good faith. I thank you in advance for your understanding.


People who have not seen/ heard about my work, ask me regularly if I can guarantee that I am a good psychic. My answer is that your own experience provides you the best guarantee because it is so personal. However, you can also pre-read several reviews of my clients, please click on the buttons below.