Interview with Leila

Interview with Leila

Unpleasant characteristics do not determine the “”IST”” of the human being. However only few realize this during their earthly existence

The number of people that decide to consult a psychic or medium and the number of practitioners – or those who present themselves as such – is rapidly growing.
In order to separate those who have proven themselves over a long period of time to be real professionals from those who only present themselves as such, we often bring one of those professionals into the footlight. In this issue we publish an interview with Psychic Leila. She is a down-to-earth, sincere and gifted woman with her own practice in Capelle aan den IJssel near Rotterdam. She can be consulted by visiting her practice, but also by telephone and skype. Consultations can not only be given in Dutch but also in English and are not limited to the Netherlands but can be given worldwide. This flexible way of working has proven to be appealing to many contented clients in the past. Besides private clients, small and larger companies are increasingly turning to Leila for guidance and insight.

A lifetime dedication to working as a psychic.

She owes her talents to her ancestors, who have passed the talent on and developed it generation after generation. Leila knew at a very young age that her talents were to be used to serve and help others. Her earliest memories go back to her childhood, playing with other children outside the house and at pre-school. Although she was not particularly aware of this, Leila always dealt with things with her old and wise soul and not as a child would do. Her mother was a continuous source of strength and support, helping her develop into the sort of person she needed to be and preparing her for the important work she was destined to do. Her mother is definitely a role model for Leila.
“My mother is the most loving and pure person I know and one of the wisest people in our field. Although she never felt the urge to use her gift professionally she helped and prepared me to become one. She is also an eminent member in the line of succession”.


Leila’s way of working is also called channeling. Not many psychics practice channeling, but it is an excellent way of getting a deeper insight into the client seeking guidance. Leila receives the information she needs by concentrating solely on the client and using the clients energy to get in touch with the person’s soul, also called “the higher self”. The information she receives comes from living and deceased family members but also persons from other dimensions. The persons from other dimensions are connected to the client purposely so they can support him or her during a certain phase in their life. Those entities are not necessarily known to the client. It’s often quite a surprise to the client that living people are there to help them. Making an appointment with a psychic is often considered to be a bit harrowing, because their profession is often associated with death. Happily enough that is not the case, Leila laughs. “It is hard for us to understand how much help is available for us from the other side. To get an understanding of that we must let go of the earthly view on connection. We all belong to the same source of energy; humans, plants and animals alike. We call that source of energy Love. It is a creative energy divided into earthly material (the body for instance is nothing more than dust) and the other dimension, i.e. the other side. It’s all much more simple than we think”.

Humans deepest fears

The Christian church has sternly been dictating how we should think, do and be for ages. Subsequently people find it hard to have to establish that they sometimes have other opinions or unpleasant attitudes. It then becomes their biggest fear, because it could mean the group they want to belong to won’t accept them for who they are and they will become an outcast. I show people they don’t have to be afraid of their emotions and deeper feelings. I teach them to look deeply at themselves and accept they are humans – no more and no less. Assume your soul is a container of information. It is your goal in life to let that wisdom enter your earthly consciousness, your body, your brain and your way of thinking.That needs to unify and that can only be achieved by seeing yourself as you are without judgement. The soul is perfect and always complete.

Leila accepts everyone, doesn’t know hatred and does not judge. All she does is establish the facts and show the clients who they really are. “During the session I always see and feel the higher self, the true soul. The interesting fact is that the human soul is never disturbed and always intact. Actually each human is perfect and undamaged. That’s why it is sad that we damage ourselves and disturb our life energy during our earthly life. This damage is a result of our thoughts. You become who you think you are, so your own beliefs form you. The essence of our soul is LOVE. Anything other than that will hurt sooner or later. Also anything that is not in compliance with your own truth will also hurt. If the EGO has lost contact with your source then things will go wrong.

Contrary to other psychics Leila prefers not to give predictions. In her opinion predictions prevent people from trying to achieve things for themselves; they are convinced they will get what they want, so why bother? They get complacent and wait for things to come without prompting.
What Leila does do is explain why the clients goals haven’t been achieved yet. Why the new job hasn’t come along yet, why the house hasn’t been sold and why your relationship hasn’t improved. By giving the client insight and awareness he or she can start taking an active role and become a part of the solution. Leila says you are your house, your job and your relationship, as everything starts with yourself. You have no other choice than to work on your goals yourself. If the client feels good then this will have immediate effect on your actions. If there are disturbances in your basic energy the result will be a stagnation of the free energy flow.
Another important question to ask oneself is “what are my expectations and what role does my ego play in this?” The ego often has a negative effect. If the ego loses contact with your source then things will go wrong. Leila’s view on things is relatively simple; the only thing keeping us from being ourselves in our essence is the fact that society causes complications.

Psychic Leila’s work is relatively easy to describe, but it can never replace the experience of having a session. The best way to find out what amazing insight and answers she can give you is to make an appointment for a session. Your questions can be about yourself and your own life but also about the lives of your loved ones, there are no restrictions except of course the privacy regulations concerning the lives of the people you need to know more about.

Please don’t hesitate to contact Leila to find out what she can do for you. You can reach her at the following telephone number and website:
Phone: 0031 10 2263 169.